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Badon Foundation (BF)
Social enterprise

We are a registered social enterprise using digital / animation skills, entrepreneurship , talent identification and promotion in solving unemployment in Africa while achieving the UN SDG.

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What we do ?

We work with youth schools and Partners in designing, implementing programs to benefit the community in achieving the UN SDG goals .

Media information literacy & Policy advocancy

We train youth and advocate MIL poliices in youth organisations.

Digital skills & Life skills Training

We adopted the UNICEF life skills tool kit and digital skills manual in transforming slum schools.

Talent idenitfication & Promotion

Every one has a talent, we identify youth and promote the God given talent.

Slumprenuer & Gheto Model

We identify unemployed ophans, single parents in poverty that we trian entreprenuership skills and later a seed fund .

About Our Story

The year 2015 a young man by names Paul Bagu 25 years of age, decided to embark on a journey of developing a magazine to support youth.

A long the joureney of success, he faced challenges and wins. determined for success, he kept improving and getting better with skills in animation, team building, hackthon wins and internation recognition till today

    Vision - To become a society of creative, talented, informed and productive youth population in Africa

    Mission - To mobilize financial, technology resources and provide social, economic and protection services to vulnerable members of the affected community through competent and professional human resources and management practices in the dynamic competitive environment ensuring efficiency and sustainability


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School Partnerships


Project Complete
Slumprenuer process

How we work ?

The slum enterprenuer Model Is designed to support women and men living in poverty in the slum community of Kampala through entrepreneurship and digital marketing training,


We focus on partnering & working with slum schools, leaders in the community to identify households individuals ( single unemployed parents) that are most in need In the community

Training and Mentorship

Groups of two with 15 members join a two weeks journey of entreprenuership and digital skillsprogram,skills of idea development, budgeting

Pitching, Mentorship & Evaluation

At this level slumprenuers are awarded certificates, pitch their ideas with the support of partners a seed capital of 100$ is awarded, evalution and mentorship is done continously

Our Mind Power

In order to achieve the dream we appreciate and recognise the brains, skills expereince of our team, their dedication in make every thing happen

Paul Bagu
Founder | Animator
Destiny Gladys
Head of Finance
Solomon Phonesis
Programs Manager
Drania Bella
Story creator

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